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Theta Zeta, the first Eta Sigma Alpha chapter in the State of Illinois, is excited to offer this opportunity to recognize the academic achievements of home school high schoolers in the Bloomington area. 

Eta Sigma Alpha advocates homeschooling as a viable and successful educational methodology and members act as liaisons for homeschooling to the general public, colleges, universities, and the media.

The purpose of this chapter is to assist college-bound students by giving them experiences in leadership and service while encouraging their character and scholarship. 

Theta Zeta is led by the students who elect an executive cabinet each fall. Although adult sponsors are in place to guide members, the students themselves plan and carry out their own ideas.

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Theta Zeta graduates have the opportunity to speak at CAHSA Commencement ceremony, wear honor stoles and honor cords.






Students must be entering seventh through twelfth grade and be home schooled at least 51% of the time. This percentage permits students to receive instruction from someone other than their parents for less than half of their educational program allowing them to benefit from community college dual enrollment, enrichment classes, and sports opportunities.

The national organization has mandatory requirements for membership based upon standardized test scores. Unlike our public school counterparts whose honor society (NHS) is based upon grading scales that differ from school to school, these objective, nationally normed scores have distinguished ESA membership as more prestigious according to NHS administration. Competitive colleges and universities as well as scholarship programs have become more and more intrigued by this honor society devoted solely to home school students. Acceptable test scores include:88 (CLT), 97 (CLT 10), 97 (CLT 8); 1200 (SAT), 1200 (PSAT), 1170(PSAT 10), 1090 (PSAT 8/9 for a 9th grade student), 1020 (PSAT 8/9 for an 8th grade student); 26 (ACT), 26 (Pre-ACT 10);  a 90% composite score on the Iowa ITBS or ITED);  90% on the total battery (the score listed under the National PR-S or PR column) on the Stanford

Additionally, all tests must be administered in a group setting if a parent is helping with the test administration. If a group setting is not possible, a non-family member may administer the test in a one-on-one setting, as long as the parent does not have access to the test. Online tests are also accepted with signed statement from test administrator. Parent administered tests are not acceptable. Test scores must not be more than 1 year old.

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If national Eta Sigma Alpha requirements are met, the Theta Zeta Chapter requires prospective members to complete an application form and submit it along with a copy of the acceptable scores within the last twelve months from a test taken (and a signed statement from the test administrator if taken online). 

On the application form, students are asked to write a brief paragraph about why they are interested in joining and the names and contact information of two individuals other than their parents whom the students have asked to write letters of recommendation. These two additional requirements by Theta Zeta are intended to help prepare college-bound high schoolers for the future and to give sponsors insight about the new members. 

There are no application fees and no obligation to join after submitting an application. All submitted information is confidential and will not be released to any outside organization or agency.


The goal of Theta Zeta is to be a blessing to academically talented students, not a burden; therefore meetings are held only once a month in the Bloomington-Normal area. 

Current members meet in September to prepare for the induction ceremony; new members begin in October. The December and April meetings are more social and open to guests. Students will decide in October what the focus of the remaining meetings will be; these are tailored to goals and interests of the group. 

Each Winter, the group hosts a project that is of service to the local homeschooling community. For example, Theta Zeta has hosted homeschool conventions, career fairs, and speakers from various colleges. Students also participate in a fall and spring service activity.

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It is a great honor to serve as the President for the exceptional Theta Zeta members. Our Honor Society consists of diverse and unique members, yet all their actions are guided by our core values: Character, Scholarship, Service, and Leadership. 
Isabelle Reeg

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